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Solo piece for peace, please(2019), på Geiger Marsfest 2021.

I vind, vatten och väntan(2020) start listen at 22:25

Encapsulated; embodied II(2019), performed by Anna-Sara Åberg – mezzo soprano, Sara Sjödahl – piano and Ebba Westerberg – percussion at Atalante 9/3 2019. (from 00:00- 20:00. Then Tsutsu II by Rei Munakata takes place)

Don’t say a word(2018), performed by GGR Betong and Lindha Kallerdal, 2018-09-14. Start video at 08:35!

Fem rum(2015), performed by Ensemble Makadam, 2016-11-09

Kylan, plötslig(2013), performed by Mimitabu. From christmas concert at Atalante 2016-12-16. Kylan, plötslig starts at 30:20!

ett ansikte(2013), from lilla scenen, Gohenburg opera, with ensemble Dråpera.